“My wife Rae-Lyn and I went to see Gene Benedict for six hour-long pre-marital counseling sessions. Frankly, it was invaluable. Since both us had been previously married, we knew that we had to learn how to communicate effectively as we were about to head down the altar for the second time. The lightbulb moment for me was to learn that men are primarily task-oriented whereas women oftentimes just want their man to listen and not “fix” the problem. Now, thanks to Gene Benedict, we have a marriage that will go the distance.

“Plus, another major challenge was learning how to deal with our new blended family as we brought children with us from our previous marriages . Gene showed us how to maintain proper levels of respect for the spouse’s ex while still maintaining proper order in our own God-centered home. ”

John Bodker

“I initially sought out guidance from Gene Benedict to help me grapple with my addiction to phone sex that was a painful result of having been sexually abused during my teenage years. Needless to say, when my wife discovered my problem, she was on the verge of leaving me.

“We needed and desired some professional, Christian counseling. That’s why our church’s pastoral staff recommended Gene Benedict. We loved the fact that he prayed with us before and after each session, cited relevant Scriptures, and recommended Christian books like Surviving An Affair and Five Love Languages. My wife and I would strongly recommend Gene as a counselor who can walk you through whatever marital challenges you face whether they be minor or major. He’ll point you to the only real answer – putting Christ at the center of your marriage.”

James L.

“I had been previously married to an abusive man. As a result, in my new marriage today I subconsciously hesitated to speak my mind for fear that I might be hit – even though I knew that my second husband didn’t have an abusive bone in his body. My ex would become especially enraged when I misplaced something or spilled something. So I had developed a tendency to stuff my feelings.

“Gene Benedict helped my husband to better understand the baggage that I was dealing with. I’m especially appreciative of the way that Gene presents the issues in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. He would make both of us feel comfortable. “In addition, the previous abuse had the domino effect of my withdrawal, my daughter’s denial and my son’s anger. Gene showed me not only how to talk with them, but empowered me to set boundaries that prevented me from continuing to be anyone’s doormat.

“The key to Gene’s successful counseling is that he’s a Christian. He totally gets it. Without God in the picture, you can’t get the results you need. He prayed with us, he sought God’s guidance and he gave us great insight by using biblical examples that we could apply to everyday life. Plus, we’ve referred a lot of our friends to him and gotten nothing back but glowing testimonials. That says it all.”

Susan Cutting

“As a fellow Christian counselor, I’ve known Gene Benedict for 12 years and was supervised by him as a counselor intern for 18 months. I’ve found Gene to be a man of integrity whose counseling is grounded in the Word of God. I can recall when I was counseling one client in particular who was dealing with the aftermath of adultery. Gene gave me effective ways for me to facilitate constructive dialogue in order to rebuild trust.”

David Bonnet, M.A., Liberty University

"I worked on an acute care unit at Laurel Ridge Treatment Center with
children and teenagers who were dealing with depression, suicide, anger, grief, eating disorders and the death of a loved one. While working in a secular setting where I did not have the freedom to share Christ, Gene Benedict, my Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, showed me that I could be Christ, by how I cared for them and nurtured them. Even though I couldn't share the plan of salvation, I discovered that my Christ-like approach was very therapeutic and healing for my clients as a result."

Jill Crooks, M.A., LPC