Commonly asked questions

What is Professional Counseling?

The process of counseling enables you to identify underlying triggers and situations that cause emotional turmoil as well as goal setting. We work together to develop problem solving interventions for effective coping! Counseling can also help improve and change your thinking, outlook, decision making, communication skills, relationship building, self-esteem, behavior modification as well as your overall mental health and sanity for a more fulfilled lifestyle!

How do I know that I need counseling?

When you or your loved one may be struggling with ongoing stressors such as constant yelling, inability to get along with peers, moody all the time, defiance/disrespect in children and teens, hopelessness, or feeling excessive guilt and shame to name a few, can be very overwhelming and exhausting to deal with on a daily basis. These are signs that finding a counselor can be a huge benefit. I offer counseling services such as marriage counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, anxiety therapy, depression therapy, and children's counseling.

How should I choose a counselor?

Finding a counselor who can be a good fit to for you or your loved one plays one of the important factors in a successful, rewarding, and effective experience in counseling.

At the consultation, we will also be able to assess the good fit for each other or else I can offer alternative referrals to best suit your needs. Clients have reported the Free 30 minute consultation as very helpful, insightful, and reassuring to find hope, support and relief in a warm, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere at my office!

What type of patients do you treat?

Teenagers/children, those struggling with anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, couples going through a divorce or separation,
couples seeking pre-marital counseling, crisis counseling, those involved in domestic violence and those in need to self esteem or self image counseling.

What days are you available to see patients?

I am available to see patients on Mondays-Thursdays. No appointments available for Fridays.