Learn to Love Yourself Again

Learn to Love Yourself Again

Self-esteem counseling in San Antonio, Texas

Self-esteem issues can develop early on, and they can continue to invade our daily lives as we grow older. Whether you’re a high school student or a working adult, low self-esteem can affect your decisions on a daily basis. Luckily, there are ways to help you improve your self-esteem, no matter how long you’ve lived with your self-esteem issues.

Wise Heart Counseling can help individuals discover new hope for themselves and their state of mind. Our counselor addresses self-esteem and image, personality disorders and other mental health issues. Turn to Gene Benedict, a licensed LPC-S, and he will:


  • Discuss and understand the perspective you have of yourself
  • Learn the roots of your self-esteem issues and their development
  • Paint a clearer picture for you and your self-worth
  • Work to resolve those feelings and harmful beliefs

Soon, you will have a brand new perspective on yourself and a better outlook on life in general.




It's time to challenge those negative thoughts

If you are suffering from negative self-esteem issues, it’s time to get help. You have worth. Don’t let your self-perspective prevent you from reaching your true potential. Get in touch with Wise Heart Counseling right now and start on a journey toward positive change.

Anger Management: At home and in the work place, anger can play havoc to success. Learn some tools and strategies to help manage angry feelings and responses.

Self Esteem & Self Image: Gene will help you consider the messages you have from the past that have paralyzed or kept you stuck.

Mental Health Issues: Treatment may be for the individual and the extended family. Bi-polar affects the entire family. There is hope and Gene can provide cognitive/behavioral strategies to manage systems.

Personality Disorders: These disorders cause disruptions in relationships and difficulties for the individual. There is hope for positive change.