Find a Way Out of Your Negative Thoughts

Find a Way Out of Your Negative Thoughts

Depression and suicide counseling in San Antonio, Texas

Depression is more than just a cloud over your head. It is a storm that continues in the background of your mind and never seems to clear up. You feel lost on a daily basis, searching for something to get you out of your rut for a little while. Depression is a hard-hitting mood disorder, but there are ways to fight it.

Wise Heart Counseling provides depression counseling for San Antonio, TX residents searching for healing and understanding. Depression manifests itself in many different ways, and our counselor is here to help you overcome these mental barriers. Come to Wise Heart Counseling to:


  • Understand your emotional and mental processes
  • Help you recognize your own habits and behaviors
  • Use your strengths to overcome these troubles






If you’re ready to reach a healthier state of mind, reach out to Wise Heart Counseling. We can help you through your mental distress to get you on a path toward healing and understanding.





Depression & Suicidal Feelings: Gene Benedict can provide post hospital treatment for adolescent and adult clients . If you have been feeling hopeless, lost, helpless and discouraged, there is help for you. You don’t have deal with it alone.

Domestic Violence Counseling:Gene can address emotional, physical, verbal, sexual abuse, etc. Gene co-authored When It’s All Her Fault, a book that addresses AED (Arrested Emotional) in adult males. He was also a men’s facilitator in a domestic recovery program in San Antonio.San Antonio residents shouldn’t feel alone if they are being emotionally or physically abused. There is help available for you and your significant other here at Wise Heart Counseling.

Drug and alcohol counseling: Drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex – many confused and depressed individuals can latch onto harmful things. Gene will help you look at the beginning or starting place of the individual’s addiction and the progression of the abuse or addiction. He will help in moving on to recovery. Wise Heart Counseling can help you end your addiction without any judgement from our counselor.