Rebuild the Foundations of Your Relationship

Rebuild the Foundations of Your Relationship

Marital and relationship counseling in San Antonio, Texas

Spending your life with another person means pouring all of your heart and soul into your relationship with them. If you feel like there’s nothing left in you to give, refresh your perspective of the relationship with our counselor at Wise Heart Counseling. Different marriages deal with different types of problems, from communication issues to parenting problems to affairs. Our San Antonio counselor would be happy to help restore peace in your home once again.

Marital and relationship conflicts: Gene Benedict, LPC-S can help those facing specific marriage crises, or he can assist those who are simply looking to improve their marriage. No matter the context or cause, you and your spouse will learn how to communicate better and overcome whatever is afflicting your relationship. Couples want to make their good marriage even better. Coming in to meet with Gene will benefit couples not in crisis, but will tackle some areas that need to be addressed such as: career changes, marital goals, empty nest, retirement.

Parenting issues: After their early stages, your child can quickly develop unfriendly and hostile behaviors. If your child is disrupting the peace and civility in your household, our counselor can help you find ways to address their emotional outbursts and disrespectful responses. Gene works with children from 5 years up to adulthood. Ideally he likes to visit with the child and parents in the initial session and in future appointments he can meet individually with the child, depending on the situation. He uses play therapy as well as cognitive/ behavioral and family therapy.

Premarital counseling: Invest in your happiness with Wise Heart Counseling. Gene offers 6-8 one-hour sessions on how to build a strong a strong foundation for your future marriage once the tux is returned and the flowers fade. Your initial session with Gene is complimentary where you will meet with him for an hour and preview the curriculum he uses. It is called, Prepare and Enrich Before You Say I Do and learn about a painless survey each of you will take about your unique perspectives on marriage. Spending 8/one hour sessions with Gene will give you a credit certificate to help with your marriage license. Gene’s fee is $60/hour after the initial session. The benefit of meeting with Gene one-on-one is that this is an intense marriage preparation that is designed to lay a more solid foundation for a successful marriage. It can be tough to adjust to the idea of getting married, but our counselor can help San Antonio couples start on a successful path for their marriage. Our San Antonio therapist is here to help. Contact our office today.